All of the staff at MFHS take
very seriously the ethics and
standards of our profession.
As our client you are
guaranteed the protection
of confidentiality within the
boundaries of the
client/counselor relationship
Established in 1982, Marriage &
Family Health Services (MFHS)
offers a full range of assessments
and therapeutic services for children,
teens, adults, couples, and families.  
Through our branch offices, day
treatment programs, and in-home
options, Marriage & Family Health
Services is proud of our role in the
communities of western Wisconsin.
A Word From Our Founder

On behalf of Marriage & Family Health Services, Ltd. I would like to
express our appreciation for considering us for your counseling needs.

Since our inception in 1982 much has changed in our world and local
communities.  Although MFHS has grown in size - one of the things
that has not changed is our dedication to providing honest,
compassionate care.

You will have your privacy maintained while you work with our team of
licensed professionals.  Our staff utilizes state-of-the-art, evidence-
based therapeutic models to help our clients reach their goals.  

Please review the various staff introductions, and programs we offer to
find the best match for you and your level of need.  Again, thank you
for considering Marriage & Family Health Services.

Dr. Thomas Johnston, Ph.D.
Founder of Marriage & Family Health Services
Marriage & Family Health Services, Ltd.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality community-based counseling
services for individuals, families, and groups in their own communities.  We
assist each client and employee to reach their maximum psychological well
being.  Marriage & Family Health Services works to contribute to the
community and the profession to which we belong.
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